The games and activities that today’s adults used to play when they were children all had meaning, even when they seemed like they were nothing more than just a game. The same for coloring pages. Keeping your child busy with a coloring page and some brightly colored crayons are doing your little one more good than you know.

Here are the ways coloring in helps your child develop.

Even though the images are already pre-defined, the page is colorless. The child has endless possibilities and combinations available and can use their imagination to color the picture the way they would want it. Not only does this encourage imagination, it gives a child a small sense of freedom to make the decisions they want.

It may seem like an insignificant pass time, but coloring can actually help your child’s confidence grow as they make their own decisions on how to color the page. Each new choice helps them gain a little more self-assurance and it can help set up a healthy foundation for future choices, albeit it in small amounts.

Coloring within the lines requires fine motor skills. As your child colors, this skill will be practiced and will improve not only the fine motor skills but also your child’s hand-eye coordination. These skills are used every day to achieve so many things. For example, eating with a knife and fork, writing letters, typing on the computer, even driving, and the list goes on.

Sitting down for extended periods of time does not come naturally to a child. That’s where coloring pages come in very handy. Coloring within the lines encourages deeper focus and extended attention to details. It’s been noted that concentration is something that can be practiced and coloring can help with this.

These are not the only development-linked factors that coloring aids, there are a variety of physical, emotional and psychological areas that develops your child colors through the different phases of life. Allow your child to explore this creative side by downloading some of the coloring pages found on the website and make them proud by hanging their beautiful artworks on the refrigerator.