Do you remember as a child playing games and coloring pages in your own coloring book? It was a magical time and there was no such thing as being bored. If you were bored, you’d find things to occupy your mind and fill your time. Kids always had something to do, because there was always something to imagine and be a part of.

Coloring pages offer a child a larger than life view of the world around them and open the doorway for further creativity. There are amazing benefits of allowing your child to color independently. Ranging from great and long lasting to simply providing instant joy.

To begin with, coloring pages keep your child constructively busy, for hours on end sometimes. Not only is your child staying out of mischief, but the process of coloring offers children a learning experience, even if it is an indirect one. As your child colors, he or she is experimenting with the way colors complement and work together. When using colors to fill in details, your child is gaining understanding of how to highlight areas of focus while learning how to differentiate between shapes and objects. This is especially true for toddlers.

The great thing about coloring is that to a large extent you can allow your child the freedom of unassisted (or unguided play) which is sure to make them happy. Toddlers thrive on gaining their independence and may very well react positively to being allowed to make his or her own decisions regarding technique, color and method, even timing is chosen by the child. See fun coloring activities for more ideas on how to keep your little ones happy in the arts.

Your child’s developing creativity is a vital part of how he or she interacts with his or her environment. Free expression has its place and it can be hugely helpful later in life as well. It’s amazing to think that something as small as a page with a drawn image and a few crayons can be so hugely beneficial to a child, but it also goes to show that we’ve devalued these simple learning experiences in our children’s lives.

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