There are a variety of ways that you can color. The most obvious is to use pens, crayons or paint. But there are so many other options available to you.

The first tip is to always, always have fun and let your imagination guide your coloring. Encourage your kids to try not to be too perfect. Let them make mistakes and experiment in their coloring, this way discovering new techniques and color combinations. Remember, it’s a coloring book, an elephant CAN be blue, and the sky CAN be green. But if your child wants to color things the “right way” that’s alright too.

Outline first – for the people who like to stay exactly in the lines
If you outline your picture with the color you want to use in the shape, you’ll be able to stick to the lines easier. This also gives a lovely effect.

Shade using different methods – for the person who likes to create depth in their images
You can shade using a few methods. Firstly, you can shade by simply applying more or less pressure to the crayon while coloring. If you want a heavier, darker effect, you would apply more pressure whereas a light effect requires less pressure. You can also shade using the shavings after sharpening) only the color bits). This method gives you a nice light and even shading, use a piece of tissue to help you shade better without getting your hands dirty.)

Start at the left, finish on the right. Or use a piece of paper as you color.
If you like to be 100% sure that your colors won’t run into each other (if you are using a marker, or really soft crayons). You can start on the left (if you’re right-handed) and end on the right. If you’re left-handed, you’d reverse the process. If this option is not the best for you as you want to color sporadically, use a piece of paper under your hand as you color to keep your page clean.

Techniques are about as unique as the one who is doing the coloring. Find what you like best by trying different things out while you color. There is no right or wrong, perhaps that’s what makes coloring exciting and loved by so many children.

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