There’s more to a coloring page than crayons and paper. There’s an entire canvas that’s ready and waiting to be filled and be made into something amazing. We suggest you get your kids involved in these steps, let them choose their own favorite images to print out and color in, or simply decide on a theme and print out the relevant images.

Here are our two favorite ideas that you can do in order to keep your little ones happy through the holidays, or simply to share a moment of bonding with them.

• Print out an image and stick it to the back of a cardboard box. Something like a moving box will work just fine, or you can go out and buy a good quality cardboard material to work with.
• Have your little ones color their images (before drawing the lines for the puzzle, as this might distract them while coloring).
• Draw lines and be ready to cut them out. If you’ve used a cardboard moving box, you’ll need a sturdy pair of scissors, even a cutter. However, if you’ve opted for a cereal box, or something thinner, a good old kitchen scissors should do the job well.
• Let your kids have a good time.

There’s no need to stick to a single medium when you’re busy coloring, you can let your kids experiment with all sorts of pens, crayons, and even paper.
• Let them look through magazines for the colors they need. If you want to speed up this activity, you can offer them some colored paper that they can tear.
• Tear the colors into small pieces (like a mosaic) and have them arrange the different colors together to keep it organized.
• Supply glue and have them fill the coloring pages using the torn pieces of color paper.
• If you want to get extra creative, look for different paper textures, you can even use natural elements like leaves, sticks, ground, sand, rice, macaroni, and so much more

It doesn’t matter what age your child is, let them go wild. Coloring is their moment in time to just be free. Roll up your sleeves, and have some good old-fashioned fun alongside them.

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