We’ve made hundreds of unique and beautiful coloring pages available to you for free. You can download and print them on a home printer and even make your own personalized coloring books*, or simply enjoy coloring online.

A quick walkthrough of how to use this site

• Color
All the color swatches can be found on the right side of the page. Below the color swatches are two boxed options.

– Plus sign: here you can add any color you’d like using the RGB values.
– Question mark: Clicking on this box will allow you to color on the page with a new color each time you click. We like to call it the mystery button. You can use this for random color combination inspiration.

• Tools
Make use of these tools in order to populate your page with color.

– Paint bucket: Fills an entire area with your chosen color.
– Paint brush: This tool allows you to manually fill your drawing by “painting” into the lines. Note that the paintbrush will paint over the lines, see the magic paintbrush for an easier painting experience.
– Magic Paint Brush: This tool allows you “paint” smartly. You can paint without the worry of going over the lines as the magic paintbrush will populate only the object where you’ve clicked.
– Wash: Use this tool to clear the entire painted area within the lines.
– Dropper: Use this tool to “pick” up a color used on the page. This is ideal if you’ve made your own custom color, but it did not save in the swatch area.

• Options
Here you can set the size of your brush.

• Redo and Undo

• Zoom

• Download
Download your picture after you’ve colored it in. remember you can even download it before you’ve colored it in, in order to color it on paper.

• Print
Print your image straight from the browser using this tool.

*note that sale of these pages or printed and compiled coloring books are not permitted for sale. You may use them only for personal use, or educational use as in the classroom.

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